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NorthStar Fluid Solutions provide fluid and fluid waste management services for your project. During the project bidding process, we work with our customers to determine the amount and type of product required, based on geology, rig capability and environmental regulations.
A fluids program is generated to streamline drilling fluid performance once the project starts.

Fluid Programs

Engineered Drilling Fluid Program output

NorthStar Fluid Solutions provides a custom engineered drilling fluids program to all clients. We offer Fluid Programs for Big Rig HDD, Light Rig HDD, Tunneling and Foundation Drilling. Our technical team can develop a fluid program for any project, adressing challenges and offering solutions.
EDFPs (Engineered Drilling Fluid Programs) are an integral part of the planning and bidding process. These programs give accurate estimates of the expected fluid volumes, geological conditions and product amounts required. This allows both owners and clients to prepare accordingly. The geology of the area will determine the composition of the system and eliminate any unnecessary additive further reducing the cost. During the geotechnical analysis, possible problem zones can be identified and a plan can be put into action sooner rather than later. Along with the volumes, products and geotechnical analysis, a guide is developed to assist crews with mix ratios, recommended advancement rates and solutions for unexpected problems. This reduces errors and down time.


northstar warehouse

NorthStar Fluid Solutions products are developed to provide the best value and ease of use for our customers. Our philosophy is that a project should not require so many products in the fluids formulation that it becomes confusing or costly. We will not recommend complicated product combinations – only exactly what you need to get the job done on time and on budget.
From dry and readily dispersible products to more concentrated liquid products, our technical services department works hard to keep things simple and efficient. Our products are designed to provide the highest value drilling, boring, and coring projects.

About Us

coal removed from HDD bore

With decades of proven global technical, purchasing, and logistics experience, we guarantee your company will complete projects with technical and logistics support.
We have you covered with warehouses in the USA, Canada, and Mexico, and competitive delivered product pricing globally. Our field staff are well versed in advanced drilling fluid technologies and take pride in on-site support and education.
Fluidos MayanStar was introduced in the fall of 2010 by the principles of NorthStar Fluid Solutions to directly service the Mexican Minerals Exploration and Water Well Drilling industry with local personnel, products, engineering, warehousing and transportation.
We believe that preparation and pre-planning is the key to any project. Whether you are embarking on a core drilling, water well, HDD, tunneling or foundation drilling project. We are there to accompany you on your journey with customized mud programs designed to maximize your opportunity for success.
We also believe in providing quality products with value. That means products mix rapidly in most mixing systems. We design our drilling fluids systems with the minimum amount of products for maximum performance and success. It is our goal to help you reach your goals; maximum performance with the greatest rate of return.

Worldwide Sourcing

global logistics

At NorthStar Fluid Solutions, we have the knowledge, experience and expertise to identify, evaluate, develop and negotiate strong supply relationships with some of the finest manufacturers of drilling fluid products around the world based on our clients’ unique needs.
From our own in house testing and QA/QC lab to real world field-testing and evaluation, we firmly stand behind any product we put out into the marketplace.
With multiple stocking points in Canada (7), USA (4), and Mexico (2), along with a global presence through NorthStar Fluid Solutions unique relationships with our various manufacturers, our products are available around the world when and where you need them at the most competitive pricing.

Global Logistics


At NorthStar Fluid Solutions, we offer world class, unique, "out of the box" thinking and solutions for our clients no matter the location around the world. We can move what you need, when you need it, in a cost effective, safe and secure manner that allows you to rest easy at night.
NorthStar Fluid Solutions has developed strong relationships with quality transportation companies for North American movements and contracts in place with Ocean carriers through our partnerships with several top of class Freight Forwarders around the world.
Some of the services we offer are:
Rail Car-Box and Bulk-US, Canada, Mexico and beyond Flatbeds, Box Vans, LTL-Domestic US, Canada and Mexico Commercial Invoice, BOL and Customs Document preparation Global 20 / 40 ft Container and Less Than Container shipping from origin to final destination


manufacturing vessle

Our Quality Health Safety & Environment policy is very important to ensuring our employees and customers always work safely with the best quality products that have the least possible environmental impact.
We work directly with product manufacturers to ensure our customers get the best quality product for their application. We regularly retain and test samples of all our products at our warehouses and customer locations to ensure they continually meet our specifications. Health and safety information is provided to our clients or is made readily available to them.
Products are toxicity tested to ensure we never exceed the tolerances of the receiving environment. Most of our products have been tested for Aquatic Toxicity, Microtox, Metals and salinity.


Flocculated water for reuse in tunneling
Tunnel segment
Tunnel segment being loaded into the jacking frame.
3m Diameter Sewer Segment - Edmonton, AB
3m Diameter Sewer Segment - Edmonton, AB
Parallel line installation HDD
Parallel line installation across the Fraser River - Vancouver, BC
Cuttings coming off the shakers
Dry cuttings coming off of an HDD rig - Toronto, ONT
fluted reamer HDD
Fluted reamer on standby
Slurry tank for DPI
Low viscosity slurry for direct pipe installation - Rocky Mountain House, AB
Coal chunk removed from an HDD project using the Star Plex system - Edson, AB