Technical Support

During the project, technical support is available via phone, online and in person site visits. We can produce waste management plans for any project. Whether it be mechanical separation (shaker screens) or in-situ solidification using our STAR-SORB class of superabsorbent polymers, NorthStar Fluid Solutions is available for our customers at all project stages.

Our technical support team ensures that ony the best products for the given application are recommended. This includes evironmental, logistical, economical and mixing considerations.

Training & Mud Schools

NorthStar Fluid Solutions Mud Schools or Mud Workshops are a great way for our customers to better understand the products and their application. They are held at customer locations and on field visits. This includes classroom/formal instruction and product demonstrations. A better understanding of the products and their applications will likely improve drilling efficiency and could cut fluid consumption costs.

Product training through mud schools/workshops and site visits reinforces the necessity of drilling fluids in project success. Constant customer contact ensures the best drilling fluid additive is utilized for optimal drilling performance. Speak with us about your mud school and training needs and we will work with your group to provide the best option.

Mud School - Kluane Drilling
Mud School - Kluane Drilling
Mud School Major Drilling
Mud School - Major Drilling
Funnel Vis Test
Marsh Funnel Training
onsite training
On-site Training
Big mud school
Large Mudschool
onsite training
On-site Training for Microtunneling